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"The Trail" is ICONIC !


Iconic indeed!!!!!

I was just thinking while driving to work this morning that “The Trail” is without question my favorite episode of Scandal. It was the one that entirely changed the game for me and forever made me see the characters - particularly Fitz - in a different light. Even now, two years later, when I think of that moment at the end of the episode, when he is sitting on her sofa, holding her against his chest, I tear up. The love, the pain, the longing, the aching were so palpable in that scene. I’ve never seen of felt anything like it before or since. I’m glad that I was around to experience a moment in television history that was so profoundly moving and soul-baring. Though I do not believe that this show can ever get back to something like this, I’m glad it exists for perpetuity so that I and others can experience it.

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